About Us

Alpha Zeta

Located in Istanbul, a commercial hub of the Middle East, AlphaZeta is specialized in exporting genuine medical products from leading brands.
It is aimed at wholesalers and suppliers of hospitals to which it guarantees the two key factors for the success of their activity, namely;
- Procurement at the lowest prices: due  to Turkey's economic opening and the freedom of trade permitted by its laws, the purchasing team is constantly looking for the best opportunities on the world scale, opportunities that it shares in real time with its customers.
- Delivery times: with its geographical position and the abundance of its transport network facilities  AlphaZeta is able to send its customers orders whatever their position on the globe in a very short  time. Generally less than 48 hours per air cargo.
The dynamism of its team and its constant caring for customer satisfaction has allowed AlphaZeta to grow quickly and to gain partners in many countries despite their cultural and linguistic diversity.